Is It Hard to Care for Clear Aligners?

Is It Hard to Care for Clear Aligners? from Missouri Gardens Dental in Clearwater, FLThere are many advantages of using clear aligners, but some patients might mistakenly believe these are hard to care for. Not caring for them correctly might result in embarrassment about the mouth. It could happen when the bacteria buildup or the aligners become discolored. The good news is there is no need for shame during a clear aligner treatment. The right care will keep the mouth smelling good.

Cleaning the trays

Patients will want to remove the trays in the morning and clean the trays and teeth. Bacteria might build up during the night. One reason for that is there is not as much saliva production, which is essential for washing away bacteria. Of course, it is also necessary to clean the teeth and trays during the day, as well.

Each time a person removes the aligners, it is crucial to rinse them well. That prevents saliva or plaque from building up. Patients might clean the aligners with some clear soap and a soft toothbrush. That removes plaque, keeping the trays cleaner. One tip is to have everything needed to care for the trays, such as a toothbrush and a cleaning solution.

Another way to keep the aligners clean is by soaking them once a day or more. That keeps them smelling good. Patients might use a denture or retainer cleaner. After soaking, it is possible to use a toothbrush to remove the remaining plaque. Then patients can rinse them before putting them back in the mouth.

Patients will want to floss and brush the teeth before putting the trays in again. It is vital to keep the gums and teeth clean. Otherwise, the plaque gets trapped against the teeth, creating a breeding ground for bacteria. That could result in decay later on. Patients will want to floss and brush the teeth more than once a day.

Going on long trips

The patient needs to get a new aligner every couple of weeks. That means if the person is going away for an extended period, some planning is necessary. A patient might need to get another set of aligners during the trip, so the patient should talk to the dentist. It is possible to get a new group to take on the trip, or the patient can have them shipped during the journey. Disrupting the treatment might extend the time significantly.

Avoiding eating with the trays in

Patients can only eat or drink water with clear aligners. Other foods and drinks require the trays to come out. Bits of food can get stuck on the aligners, damaging or staining them. Plus, the trays cannot withstand the pressures of eating.

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Making an appointment for clear aligners

Patients who want to have clear aligners should make an appointment with the dentist. That way, they can have a consultation appointment to see if the aligners are right for them. The dentist can do an exam and look at the issues. Then patients will be on the way toward a more beautiful smile.

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